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307 Why does Photoshop Not Displaying Work From PhotoGraphic Edges Gen1? - CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Common PhotoGraphic Edges Questions 1431
313 Why do stand alone AFX version load larger images than the Photoshop Plug-ins? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Photoshop Support 1847
296 Why do outdated 32 bit plug-ins crash when installed on my 64 bit computer? - CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER 64 Bit Support 6073
322 Why do I NOT see Auto FX Software as a Plug-in under Filter in Photoshop. CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Windows Support 4183
324 Why do I have trouble getting my Auto FX Software to open? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Windows Support 3900
320 Why do I get an Invalid Serial Number Message in my pre Gen1 Software? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Serial Number / License Key Issues 3835
304 Why do I get "Power PC Applications are no Longer Supported" error? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Mac Installation Issues 3256
309 Which version of Photoshop are Auto FX Software Plug-ins compatible with? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER Photoshop Support 7079
303 What 3rd Party Software Does Auto FX Software Support? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER 3rd Party Software 3440
317 Saving a Pixtivity Presentation Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 300
319 Pixtivity/Xtivity Mac Version Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 505
316 Pixtivity Templates Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 357
315 Pixtivity Presentations and FrontPage Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 292
314 Pixtivity Presentations and Email Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 335
318 Pixtivity Presentation Format Pixtivity and Xtivity Support 344

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